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Family Owned. Family Operated. 

Where we cook for you like you are our family. 

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Started in 2009 in a small, home-like setting, Dawn and Nino Scaffidi had the dream of "Bringing Grandma's House on Sunday" to the people of the Ohio Valley through their Scaffidi's Pasta Restaurant. Quickly becoming evident that they had outgrown their original setting, the Scaffidi Family relocated their business, expanding it over ten times overnight and renaming it Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern. From there, history was made and the Scaffidi Restaurant Group was born and expanded into what it is today. 

Since then, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group has expanded into a multi-faceted, multi-brand Foodservice Corporation, operating brands in the Full-Service Restaurant, Catering, Quick-Service Restaurant, Virtual Brands, Direct to Consumer Retail Goods, and Distribution categories. 

Led by an executive team made up of the Scaffidi Family, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group is a family-owned company that strives each day to "Bring The Taste of Nonna's (Grandma's) House on Sunday" to all of the customers that it serves, no matter the brand in which they partake in. 

To learn more about the different services provided by each of our brands, please visit the "Our Brands & Services" page of our website!

Meet the "Nonnas"

Throughout our brands, you will see the "Nonnas" as we have come to call them. The three ladies, detailed below, are the Executive Team's ancestors to which their recipes, processes, and traditions have all been combined into the culinary operations that people have come to know and love from the Scaffidi Restaurant Group for years. 

Nonna Lucia.png
Zizi Fil.png
Nana Theresa copy.png

From L-R:

Nonna Lucia: Nino's Mom; from Naples, Italy


Zizi Filomena (Retired): Frankie's Grandmother; from Calabria, Italy

Nana Theresa: Dawn's Mom; From Calabria, Italy

Meet The Executive Team

The Executive Team of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group is made up of members of the Scaffidi Family, Dawn and Nino Scaffidi, and their cousin Frankie DiCarlantonio. Our group is truly kept all within the family! The Executive Team carries over four decades of combined foodservice experience in all facets of the culinary business. 


Dawn Scaffidi

President & Chairwoman of the Board / Chief Culinary Officer

Dawn is the majority owner of the group, making the Scaffidi Restaurant Group a majority woman-owned business. Dawn is our Chief Culinary Officer, responsible for the various day-to-day operations as well as long range planning of our culinary operations for our various brands. 

Dawn has been a shareholder with the Scaffidi Restaurant Group since its inception and has been integral in taking the old-world traditions, recipes, and techniques brought to us by our Nonna's and has perfected it into a bulk, small batch preparation of many of our homemade products such as pastas, sauces, and much more. 

When not at work, you can find Dawn cooking at home (yes, even after a day of cooking for others), being a great mom to her great sons, and much more!


Nino Scaffidi

Shareholder/ Chief Logistics Officer

Nino is one of the owners of the Scaffidi Restaurant group and serves as our Chief Logistics Officer, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our production schedule, distribution schedule, internal processes for our various brands, maintenance, and much more. 

Nino comes with a background in Management while working in Management at a Distribution Center for one of the world's largest Retailers, so he has been able to introduce great processes that has given the Scaffidi Restaurant group an edge in their operations while still being a small business. 

When not at work, you can Nino with his two sons, especially coaching his youngest in the sport of soccer. 


Frankie DiCarlantonio

Chief Executive Officer

Frankie is Dawn and Nino's cousin and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group. Frankie has been involved with the restaurant since he was 14 years old, helping his family design their first website. Since then, Frankie has grown within the business and has grown the business at the same time. 

Frankie oversees all development opportunities of the Restaurant Group as well as the day-to-day operations of the business including items from the Financial, Administrative, Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources departments. 

Frankie is an individual that wears many hats throughout the Ohio Valley, so when not working, you can find him involved in things such as Ohio Elections Administration, Italian-American Philanthropic Activities, and much more!


Mara Eisnaugle

Executive Assistant to the CEO/ Administrative Officer

Mara joined the Scaffidi Restaurant Group as a host while in High School and while now seeking her undergraduate degree at a local university, she has risen to the ranks of Executive Assistant to the CEO. Within this position, Mara helps coordinate much of the administrative functions of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group and acts as a liaison between the various departments and brands and the Office of the CEO. Mara was promoted through our Scaffidi's Catering Brand, so you still often find her doing what she enjoys most - working with our clients to deliver excellent event experiences. 

When not working, you can find Mara with her large family or working on her fixer-upper!

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