Started in 2009 in a small, home-like setting, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group has humble beginnings with its first concept, Scaffidi's Pasta. Shortly after opening, the Scaffidi Family realized that their concept had already outgrown its initial location to fulfill its mission of "Bringing Grandma's House on Sunday" to the people of the Steubenville Area. A new location was found, a new concept was born, and the rest is history to where the Scaffidi Restaurant Group is today. 

Featuring a portfolio of five different concepts that currently span two physical locations in two different states, the Restaurant Group has never strayed away from its original mission of bringing that taste of grandma's house on Sunday to its customers, still making its Pastas, Sauces, Soups, and so much more in-site each day, no matter how large the company may grow. 

The Scaffidi Restaurant Group is a unique company where the resources and the operations of a Multi-Brand Foodservice Corporation still has a personal touch with its customers, vendors, and employees. Operated by an Executive Team of three, you can often find these individuals not only operating the Restaurant Group as an Executive Team does, but working within the operation day in and day out alongside our great staff members to fulfill the mission of a successful operation each day, 

Backed up by a team of caring, experienced individuals that carry out the mission of the Executive Team, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group is a forward-thinking Foodservice Corporation with a 100% success rate for every major development made by the group. 

Meet The Executive Team

The Executive Team of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group is made up of members of the Scaffidi Family, Dawn and Nino Scaffidi, and their cousin Frankie DiCarlantonio. Our group is truly kept all within the family! The Executive Team carries over four decades of combined foodservice experience in all facets of the culinary business. 

Dawn is one of the Owners of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group and serves as its President & Chairwoman of the Board. Within the Group, Dawn is responsible for the complete Culinary Operations of its brands. 



President &

Chairwoman of the Board

Nino is one of the owners of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group and serves as its Vice-President. Within the Group, Nino is responsible for the execution of the Development Plans as developed by the Executive Team. 




Frankie serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group and is responsible for the successful operation of the Group's Current Brands as well as development of existing and new brands for the group. 


Chief Executive Officer


Meet Our Management Team

Toni joined the Scaffidi Restaurant Group over six years ago and rose through the ranks quite quickly from an entry-level position to the Operations Manager to the group's highest-volume and multi-concept location in Steubenville, Ohio. With proven leadership in a high-volume and fast-packed environment and proven results in cost and labor management, Toni is a valued and effective member of the Management Team of our Group. 



Operations Manager,



keeping it in the family, Vinny is Nino's nephew and our newest manager of the Management Team of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group. Stepping into the reigns of the operations of the Group's newest concept, Scaffidi's Gnocchi Nook, at its Weirton Location. Growing up within the Scaffidi Restaurant Group, Vinny has an understanding of the history and evolvement of the group that is unrivaled by anyone else in his position. 



Operations Manager,



Again, keeping it in the family, Maya is Dawn's niece and serves as the Group's Social Media Coordinator. Although young, Maya brings her experience growing up in the Scaffidi Restaurant Group to the table with new and exciting ways to connect with audiences of any age, but especially individuals in her own age group. When not working on our marketing activities, you can often find Maya working within one of our concepts. 


Social Media



Mara Eisnaugle

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Mara joined the Scaffidi Restaurant Group while in high school at an entry level position and has remained with the company during her time in college. Rising up the ranks into several key positions, you can either find Mara directing operations for our events with our Scaffidi's Catering concept or providing Executive Support to our CEO, Frankie DiCarlantonio. 

In whatever position she is fulfilling, Mara has proven herself to be a fierce and effective leader, facilitating hundreds of successful events in our Catering Division and providing a monumental level of efficiency in the Group's Administrative Functions. 

Meet the "Nonnas"

Throughout our brands, you will see the "Nonnas" as we have come to call them. The three ladies, detailed below, are the Executive Team's ancestors to which their recipes, processes, and traditions have all been combined into the culinary operations that people have come to know and love from the Scaffidi Restaurant Group for years. 

Nana Theresa copy.png




Nonna Lucia.png




Zizi Fil.png