The Scaffidi Restaurant Group has humbled beginnings in 2009 with the creation of their first brand, Scaffidi's Pasta, created to bring the taste of "Grandma's House on Sunday" to the people of Steubenville, Ohio and the surrounding areas. 

Shortly after opening this original location, it became apparent to the Scaffidi Family that it has outgrown its original location that seated approximately 25 people. A new location was sought for and Scaffidi's Pasta was moved approximately two years later in 2011 to a new location that seated approximately 250 people, allowed for bar services, and created a private event space for all of your catering needs. 

At the same time, Scaffidi's Pasta was renamed Scaffidi's Restaurant & Tavern to indicate the addition of the new bar and lounge areas. 

With the move to a new space, the Scaffidi Family was able to host events on-site in its new on-site event space and had the facilities to begin catering off-site at locations throughout the Ohio Valley. This, in-turn, created the Scaffidi Restaurant Group. In lieu of multiple restaurants as a group often is, this resembled a group of complete food services including a Restaurant, Bar, On-Site Catering, Off-Site Catering, and Contract Catering Services at retreat centers, schools, and much more. 

In 2020, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group Family announced that it is still remaining the same group of services that it has for the over ten years that it has been open, but it will officially be a group of multiple locations with the introduction of their "Scaffidi's Gnocchi Nook." a restaurant concept of quick and customizable dishes for carryout and delivery. 

Meet The Executive Team

The Executive Team of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group is made up of members of the Scaffidi Family, Dawn and Nino Scaffidi, and their cousin Frankie DiCarlantonio. Our group is truly kept all within the family! The Executive Team carries over four decades of combined foodservice experience in all facets of the culinary business. 


Dawn Scaffidi


Dawn, one of the owners of the group, leads our Culinary Operations throughout our various brands. 


Frankie DiCarlantonio


Frankie is the CEO of the group, leading all Administrative & Development functions throughout our various barnds.


Nino Scaffidi


Nino, one of the owners of the group, leads our Customer-Facing Operations throughout our various brands.

Meet the "Nonnas"

Throughout our brands, you will see the "Nonnas" as we have come to call them. The three ladies, detailed below, are the Executive Team's ancestors to which their recipes, processes, and traditions have all been combined into the culinary operations that people have come to know and love from the Scaffidi Restaurant Group for years. 

Nana Theresa copy.png

Nana Theresa

Dawn's Mamma (Mom)

Theresa's culinary recipes, traditions, and processes come from the Calabria Region of Italy. 

Zizi Fil.png

Zizi Fil

Frankie's Nana (Grandmother)

Fil's culinary recipes, traditions, and processes come from the Calabria Region of Italy. 

Nonna Lucia.png

Nonna Lucia

Nino's Mamma (Mom)

Lucia's culinary recipes, traditions, and processes come from the Naples Region of Italy.