On-Site Catering Services

Available Food Services

SRG Catering Services offers different food services depending on the number of individuals that will be at your event. Below is a guide that you can follow to know the food services available to your event. 

Events Up to 25 People = Buffet/ Appetizer Buffet/ Limited Menu/ Ordering off of the Regular Menu

Events Up to 35 People = Buffet/ Appetizer Buffet/ Limited Menu

Events 36 People & Above - Buffet/ Appetizer Buffet

All prices listed on this website do NOT include a 20% Service Charge (Gratuity) and 7.25% Ohio Sales Tax which will be added to the subtotal of your event. 

Lunch & Dinner Buffet Plans

Buffets are perfect for events of any size for many reasons - the speed in which we are able to accommodate your guests, knowing the cost in advance per person, and being able to offer an event of your choosing to your guests. 


$13.95 Per Person

1 Pasta Selection

1 Meat Selection

1 Vegetable Selection

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls

All Non-Alcoholc Beverages


$15.95 Per Person

2 Pasta Selections

1 Meat Selection

1 Vegetable Selection

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls

All Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Tutto Americano

$15.95 Per Person

Roast Beef

Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy

Green Beans

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls

All Non-Alcoholic Beverages


$17.95 Per Person

2 Pasta Selections

2 Meat Selections

1 Vegetable Selections

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Dinner Rolls

All Non-Alcoholic Beverages

 Buffet Selections 

Pasta Selections

Spaghetti/ Fettuccini/ Gnocchi/ Penne

with up to two sauces:

Marinara/ Meat/ Alfredo/ Pink


The Prata w/ Sausage & Fettuccini

(Pasta with Sausage & Peppers)

The Venetian with Fettuccini

(Pasta with Tomatoes & Feta Cheese)

Meat Selections


Sausage Links

Sausage & Pepper Medley

Chicken Limone

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Marsala

Vegetable Selection

Green Beans (Plain)

Green Beans w/ Almonda

Green Beans w/ Tomatoes

 Seasonal Vegetable Medley


Mashed Potatoes

Appetizer Buffet Plans

Appetizer buffets are great for social networking events, for ice breakers, or a great addition to an event where you are already having a buffet! 

Pick 3 Apps

$13.95 Per Person

Any combination of three appetizers from our selection

All Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Pick 4 Apps

$15.95 Per Person

Any combination of four appetizers from our selection

All Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Appetizer Buffet  Selections

Breaded Zucchini, Bruschetta Dip, Meatball Sliders, Mozzarella & Tomato Kabobs, Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus, Strawberry Shortcake Stackers, Breaded Provolone Triangles, Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Meat & Cheese Tray, Fiesta Calamari Rings, Fruit Kabobs, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Mini Pepperoni Rolls, Mozzarella & Tomato Platter, Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites

Limited Menu

Limited menus are perfect for events that would either like to give their guests the most option in their food for the event or for those events that may require the guests to order off of the menu and are unable to do so because of having too many people. 

Standard Limited Menu

$13.95 Per Person

House Salad w/ House Dressing

Choice of Entree from Below Listing

All Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Limited Menu Entree Selections

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce & Meatball

Pork Shanks with Gnocchi/ Alfredo Sauce with Green Beans

Chicken Limone with Gnocchi/ Alfredo Sauce with Green Beans

Chicken Marsala with Gnocchi/Alfredo Sauce with Green Beans

Lemon Baked Tilapia with Gnocchi/ Alfredo Sauce with Green Beans

Ordering Off of the Regular Menu

The dining room menu for Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern may be used in our catered events for clients that have 25 or less people within their event. All pricing and options, as listed on the regular menu, are what will be adhered by within the event. 


Other Services Required or Optional for Your Event


SRG Catering Services does not provide any form of decorating services to its clients. We welcome clients to either decorate on their own for their event with two simple rules: no confetti anywhere in the room and nothing taped or adhered to our walls. Clients are also welcome to hire an outside decorator for their event, although all linen services must be purchased from the caterer. 

Bar Services

Our bar service is one of the most customizable things that we offer as a caterer. Whether you want to offer an open bar (where you pay for all of the alcohol), semi-open bar (where you pay for beer and wine, but NOT liquor), or a cash bar (where the guests will be responsible for any alcohol), we are here to provide that to you. We can also place wine on the tables, set up a mimosa table, or even make a custom drink for your event! Talk to your event representative about your ideas for your bar services and will be more than happy to provide a cost estimate. 

Linen and Glassware Services

SRG Catering Services provides a high level of base services included with all of their pricing. This includes real silverware, real china, and hard plastic cups being used for their events - we are not in the business of "cheaping down to plastics." We do, however, offer an optional Linen and Glassware Service which, for $2.50 per person, will include a white linen tablecloth, a colored linen napkin (red, blue, yellow, black, or pink), and glass tumblers used for your event. Different colored tablecloths and napkins may be available with advance notice and may incur an additional fee. With the Linen and Glassware Service, any accessory tables (gift tables, etc.) will be covered with whatever linen tablecloth is being used for your event. All linens, unless plastic is brought by the customer, must be purchased through the caterer. 


Clients are allowed to provide their own dessert for their events, being that it is a baked item such as a cake, cookie, or cupcake. This is the only item that is permissible to bring into the establishment. SRG Catering Services, for those desserts that require it, will provide the plates and silverware for the guests and as well as cut & serve the dessert for a total of $0.40 per person. For those desserts that do not require any of the above, there will be no fee for the dessert. 

Have a request? 

At SRG Catering Services, we understand that there are not two parties that will be the same. So, do you have something that you would like to see us provide for your event? If you do, we are more than happy to consider it. Talk to your event representative and if we can do it, we will find a way!

Ready to Book or Inquire About Your Event?

Now that you have ready about the different food and other catering services that we are able to offer for your event, are you ready to inquire about open dates or ready to book for your event? If so, fill out our form below and one of our staff members will respond to you and begin the process of your booking! 

Prefer to talk? We understand! You are always welcome to call us at 1-740-314-5233, but we work all hours of the day in the foodservice business and may be able to answer you quicker via e-mail! 

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