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WELCOME BACK! Your New Hire Paperwork has now been completed. 

STEP 1: Watch a wrap-up video from Frankie DiCarlantonio, Director of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group.

STEP 2: Complete The Set-Up On Your Accounts

As we are completing the set-up of your accounts on our various systems, you will receive some e-mails from them so that you can complete your account set-up. 


ADP: ADP provides the payroll processing for the Scaffidi Restaurant Group. This account is optional, but can provide to you some very important information that may come in handy at a future time. This information includes your Paystubs, Tax Information, and other pertinent information. 


SLACK: Slack is our communication tool as a company that allows us to communicate with you, you to communicate with us, and for you to communicate with other staff members, as well.

SQUARE TEAMS: Square Teams will provide your schedule to you as well as your timecard entries. 

STEP 3: First Day/ Final Documentation/ Initial Schedule

If you have not already spoke with your Hiring Manager pertaining to your start date and initial schedule, please do so as soon as possible. On your first day, your Hiring Manager will ensure that you have everything that you need to ensure a smooth entry into your job position. In most cases, your accounts will be set up in plenty of time before your first day, so you should be able to clock in and have access to these systems. If not, your Hiring Manager will keep track of your time manually and enter them in as soon as your accounts have been fully set up. 

On your first day, you will need to bring two forms of ID so that those can be registered into our system. The first type of ID should be some form of Identification provided by a Government Agency that has your photo on it (Drivers License/ Temporary Permit/ Passport) and the second should either be a Social Security Card or your Birth Certificate (issued by the local Health Department or State). If this is not possible, please contact your Hiring Manager. 

Welcome To The Scaffidi Restaurant Group!

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