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Welcome to the Scaffidi Restaurant Group! We are so excited to have you join our team. 

STEP 1: Watch a welcome video from Frankie DiCarlantonio, Director of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group.

STEP 2: Complete Your New Hire Paperwork


The Scaffidi Restaurant Group requires that all employee payments (paychecks) be made by Direct Deposit. In order to complete this New Hire Paperwork, you must have some form of account (Traditional Bank Account/ Online Bank Account/ Pay Card) that we are able to receive deposits on. If you do not have this yet, please DO NOT start this process and contact your Hiring Manager to let them know of this. This may affect your start date with the Scaffidi Restaurant Group.

Documents You Will Be Completing Today:

W4 FORM: This document determines your tax withholding with the IRS for Federal Taxes. 

STATE TAX FORM: This document determines your tax withholding with your State of Resident for State Taxes. 

I9 FORM: This document verifies your Employment Eligibility in the United States. 

DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM: This form will collect account information so that we can deposit your paycheck into your account on payday. 

HANDBOOK ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM: This form indicates that you will read and comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Scaffidi Restaurant Group. Handbooks can be found at your work location. Consult with your Hiring Manager for more information. 

EMERGERNCY CONTACT INFORMATION: This allows us to collect any information pertaining to your health that we may need to communicate to Emergency Services about as well as contact information to reach out to your designated individual in the event of an incident

Items You Will Need To Complete The Documents:

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Address, E-Mail Address, Phone Number, Social Security Number

BANKING INFORMATION: Routing & Account Number

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: Name and Phone Number of Emergency Contact

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