COVID19 (Coronavirus) Response

The Scaffidi Family understands the importance of prevention and the severity of COVID19 (Coronavirus). 

In the wake of COVID19 (Coronavirus) entering the Ohio Valley, the Scaffidi Family would like to reassure its customers and guests of the precautions that have been put into place to ensure that our establishment can provide a safe and healthy environment to everyone as well as adhere to regulations set forth by the CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Jefferson County Health Department, and other regulatory agencies. 

Online Order Carryout

In following the recommendation of social distancing from the Ohio Department of Health and other agencies, Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern is here for those that would like to execute such a practice, but also still continue amenities such as carryout at local establishments. Therefore, orders that are placed online and prepaid are eligible for our new Curbside Carryout Order program. Simply place your order on this website, come to our location and pull up in front of the mural in the front of the building, call the phone number as located on the signs, and a staff member will join you with your order momentarily. 

Employee Wellness

We understand the importance of a establishment that is as contagion-free as possible. Staff members who exhibit signs of any type of illness are instructed to attain medical attention through appropriate channels and to return to work only if a medical professional has indicated that it is safe to do so.

Events & "Mass Gatherings"

The Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton has issued an order in conjunction with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine banning all "Mass Gatherings" that are 100 or more people. There are a few exceptions to this order and we encourage you to review the regulations as they have been set forth. Individuals that have events scheduled with us both at our location and off-site may cancel their event without penalty during the time frame in which this order is in effect. 

Robust & Rigorous Cleaning Schedule

Our entire establishment has been placed on a much more rigorous and robust cleaning schedule, above and beyond any requirement and regulation set forth by agencies that govern food establishments. Common areas and surfaces throughout the establishment have been placed on a steady rotation of cleaning throughout operating hours, items that guests share are sanitized after every use, and items that are commonly among the public such as salt/pepper shakers and Parmesan Cheese are kept to request only to ensure that they are sanitized in between uses. 


First and foremost, the Scaffidi Family of Services would like you to keep you and your health on the top of the list. Please follow the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Jefferson County Health Department, and other agencies. For those that are able to continue routine daily activities such as dining out, holding events, or  other services that we offer, we want to make sure that you know that we are doing our part to ensure a healthy and safe environment  for our customers and guests. 


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