About Us


We Keep It In The Family!

The Scaffiid Restaurant Group is run by a dedicated team of individuals, all bringing expertise and values to the table. From our moms and grandmas that inspired the recipes that we use today to our dedicated team of Executives, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group is truly family run and operated. 

From Humbe Beginnings…….

The Scaffidi Restaurant Group began its operations in October of 2009, with the opening of Scaffidi’s Pasta by Nino and Dawn Scaffidi, a married couple both originally from Steubenville who wanted to create the feeling of an “Grandma’s House on Sunday.” 

Its original location at 2198 Sunset Boulevard, in front of the Hollywood City Center, the restaurant sat approximately 25 people and prided itself on being able to offer entirely homemade meals, from pastas, sauces, soups, and much more. 

Within a couple of years of opening, it became apparent to Nino and Dawn that the their small, home-like setting had been outgrown and the search for a new location began immediately. In August of 2012, Scaffidi’s Pasta relocated to 3250 S. Hollywood Boulevard within the Hollywood City Center. Although the move was within walking distance, the difference was beyond comparison.

Upgrading to a location that can now acommoddate over 300 people (including its catering space), have a full service bar, an outdoor patio, and much more, Scaffidi’s Pasta became Scaffidi’s Restaurant and Tavern. 

Although the restaurant grew over 10X overnight, the Scaffidi Family was proud to still be able to offer completely homemade meals, never sacrificing the quality for the size of their establishment.

…..to a Full Service Food Company

Shortly after the new and expanded restaurant was in operation, the new location allowed the Scaffidi Family to offer catering services to customers both on-site and off-site. Overwhelmed by the catering business that it received and the services that it was providing, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group was formed in order to develop and manage the different facets of the full-service food service company. 

SRG Catering Services, the catering and institutional food service wing of the company, was formed. Each year, SRG Catering Services successfully caters or hosts over 450 events each year, both on-site and off-site throughout the Ohio Valley. 

Still sticking to the philosophy that the quality and homemade factor of our foods would never be comprised because of the volume of the business, all of the foods that are catered through SRG Catering Service are the same homemade foods served everyday through Scaffidi’s Restaurant and Tavern. 

Pictured above, many of the Scaffidi Family members do various jobs throughout the food service company, from administration to food preparation to summer jobs in our front of house team. Pictured to the right, are Nino and Dawn Scaffidi (center and right), Owners of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group along with Frankie DiCarlantonio (left), Nino and Dawn’s cousin, and Director of Business Operations for the Scaffidi Restaurant Group. 

To what it has become today, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group has been blessed with business and support from its community.