This system is intended for those customers that have an established invoice with the Scaffidi Restaurant Group or any of its divisions. This system is not meant to purchase gift cards, to place an order with the restaurant or catering division, or anything other nature other than paying an established bill that has been distributed to you from a representative of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group.

To use this system, please have your bill ready. Upon agreeing to these terms and conditions below and when you are taken to the payment page, please enter in your information exactly as it appears on the bill that has been distributed to you.

Payments made through this system are non-refundable. Please consult with your representative if you are unsure about any payment or amount before making the payment through our website system.

The Scaffidi Restaurant Group understands and values your security as a customer. Our payment processor has certified us for PCI Compliance, the worldwide standard for credit card security. We have been tested, scanned, and deemed authorized as of August 1, 2015 and follow all necessary rules, regulations, and procedures to keep your information safe. We will never distribute any information to any other party except within our own company.

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